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Grant Reporting

Once a project is funded, project directors are expected to fill out interim reports and a final report. They are due in February, May, and September. Twenty percent of the award will be withheld until the final report is completed. Project Directors are expected to continuously update their progress on their on-line application and notify the center, when updates have been made. Click here to update: On-Line Application

There is no need to forward hard copies of your interim reports or final report to us. We will review your reports on-line. If there are any questions in regards to reporting, please contact Alissa Randall Haines, 402-472-2039 or arandall4@unl.edu.


A written agreement was made at the time of funding, that project directors would use the North Central Logo on all publication materials. Click here to view/download our logos. Contact Cheryl for more specific logo information, cgriffith2@unl.edu


The center openly welcomes and encourages picture taking, however if the picture is of a group of three or less people, please have them fill out a photo permission slip and keep in your records. An example of this form is attached: Photo Permission Form.

What is success?

At the 2004 Regional North Central Risk Management Education Center meeting in Madison, Wisconsin participants discussed in small groups what success is. The information that they shared is attached here. Read: What is Success?