The Center Overview

North Central Risk Management Education was established during 2001 where North Central Risk Management Education Center Funds are producer-focused, results-based, and have competitive grants with the funding they get from USDA Cooperative State Research, Extension and Education Services (CSREES).

North Central Center is located at Nebraska University in Lincoln, and our primary mission entails empowering the individuals’ strengths and skills at the north-central region that are involved in managing the agricultural production, financial, marketing, human resources, and legal risks as well.

The North Central Risk Management Education was aimed to serve many states which are; Michigan, Illinois, Lowa, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Ohio.

The marketing risks Australia are the uncertainties on the prices which the producers will receive from their products or those process they are required to pay for their inputs.

The price risks in nature always vary significantly since each commodity depends on its factors.
The financial risks are those risks associated with the farm business borrowing money and creating the obligations for debt repayments.

There might be increasing interest rates, the loan prospects that are called by lenders, and the credit availability is also restricted, and those are the financial risks.
The legal risks are due to uncertain government actions surroundings.

The chemical use regulations, tax laws, minimal waste disposal rules, the price level or the income support payments are all among the government decisions examples which can bring significant impact towards the farm businesses.

The Center has the primary purpose of helping the producers who are in the North Central Region to make decisions that will help them to achieve their goals both family and business ones.

Also, when this is being done, all the center projects will then focus more on the available five risk areas, which are; human, legal, marketing, production, and financial risks.

There will be the encouragement of the very comprehensive approach, which can address interactions in those five hazardous areas.

There are annual funding provided by the center for all individual programs that are of great benefit towards the agricultural producers using the more competitive process of application.

We also have the current new website where you can access us easily.

The human resource risks are those factors like social health issues or even personal relationships which tend to affect farm businesses.

They can be illness, accidents, disability, death, and divorce, among others, which are personal issues examples that are typically to threaten farm business in the long-run.